Club Rhose

Primal - Lamia | Goblet | Ward 19, Plot 55

Auctions every Tuesday 10PM - 1AM EST
Casino Open Tuesday 8PM - 10PM & Friday 7PM - 9PM EST
Club Nights every Friday 9PM - 1AM EST

Welcome to the Club Rhose experience, If you are looking for a fun time at the casino, a romantic night with a special someone, to club your night away or everything inbetween you picked the right place.

The Highroller

The Thorned Rhose
Price - 250000

A Spicier take on your average Margarita with its ginger undertones and Resposado Tequila. It adds on to its spice with a pinch of Serrano Pepper and mellows it out with some Lime and Angostura.
Along with this spicy margarita, the price is even spicier because it allows you to roll between 1 and 20, hit the number of the night and win a 1mil jackpot!

The Specialties

Wild Rhose Sangria
Price - 25000

This drink is a fruit lovers dream with fresh slices of Peaches, Strawberries, and Raspberries soaking up the White Wine and White Rum. Garnished with mint, this is a dangerously delicious drink you don't want to miss out on.

The Lost Shepard
Price - 25000

Be soothed with this lavender and rum drink, featuring a Sweet Liqueur, Blueberries soaked in Rum, and a touch of Lavender Flavoring. Garnished with Blueberries and Dried Lavender, this drink will wash away all the stress of your busy adventuring day.

Desert Blossom
Price - 20000

The Desert Blossom brings a light smoke flavor combined with hints of floral notes. This drink is great that soothing that thirst at first sip with its features of Tequila Roolibos, Sherry, Sweet Vermouth and a touch of Pink Peppercorn.

The Galago Mojito
Price - 20000

This vibrant drink features White Rum, Lime Juice and Club Soda. Mixed in with this is a touch of simple syrup to add sweetness and mint leaves and Kiwi on top making this the perfect drink to quench that dancefloor thirst.

Golden Splendor
Price - 15000

With the Golden Splendor you can visit Costa del Sol with this tropical and velvety drink. This drink is proud to feature a wonderful Gin, mixed in with a majority of Passionfruit and hints of Pistachio-Orgeat and Lemon.

The Cereusly Yours
Price - 15000

The Cereusly Yours is a lovely bourbon drink where patience is a virtue. After taking a few sips of this, it will make you bloom as the citrus and vanilla flavors build. Featuring the star of the show Bourbon, mixed in with Mulled Cider, Red Verjus and then a hint of Lemon and Vanilla.

The Standards

Glass of Ice Wine - 10000
Whiskey on the Rocks - 10000
Tequila Shot - 10000
Water - 1000

Bar buyout is 1m an hour or 3m for the night! Please see the Bartender , Kai Kuppa or Kailee Nox if you wish to buy the bar out!

Venue Owner